Eliminate Debt


What if there was a better way to repay your loans? A program or system that put you ahead of the crowd, so instead of drowning in debt, you felt in control of your finances and knew you were on your way to building a secure, wealthier future?

Enter the Debt P.A.S.S Program: Payoff Acceleration Software System. This is an online financial system that helps you become debt free twice as fast as a normal payoff schedule, and saves you tens of thousands of dollars! (On average saving users 18 years on their mortgages!) The program acts as a financial guidance system, leveraging your money and accounts to the best advantage. Repaying your loans and avoiding as much as possible in interest payments. Allowing you to take control of your money, instead of it controlling you.

Unlike budgets or "snowball" methods, the program meets you where you are and operates with little to no change to your standard of living. You don't have to make more money, or follow a super strict budget to get out of debt faster. It uses these four key principles to eliminate debts:

  • Strategic Payoff
  • Interest Accumulation
  • Interest Float
  • Interest Cancelation

See What You Can Save!

Program Features

-Online System

This program is online based, you can use it anytime from any computer.

-Purchase Once, Use for Life

Purchase the program for a one time cost of $3,495 and utilize it for life, to eliminate debt now, and avoid it in the future.


-Bank Like a Banker

The system uses algorithms and calculations common in the banking world. Leveraging your money to the best advantage.

-Dynamic and Customized

The program constantly adjusts to your situation, reevaluating for every change in your finances.

-No Guesswork

Take the guesswork out of paying off your loans, the system will prompt you when to make payments and tell you the exact amount. It will also show you the long term impact different actions and purchases will have on your finances.

-Guaranteed Results

Money back guarantee that by following the system you will be debt free by the month and year shown on your Debt Payoff Analysis.