Want to find out what your own savings potential is? Here are the steps of getting your own debt analysis to see how much time and money you can save on your road to a debt free life.

Calculate Your Savings

Go to my debt analysis page to fill in your information and start the path to financial freedom. This form translates your current financial status into the quickest way out of debt, while also saving you the most money possible on interest. You’ll put in info such as your income, mortgage rates and current balance, monthly spending, and any other debts or lines of credit you may have, such as credit cards or student loans. The more precise and accurate the information you put in, the more accurate your analysis will be. Print off this Debt Analysis Checklist – Sheet1 to make sure you have all the information you’ll need in one place to fill out the debt analysis form.

Debt Analysis Features

Once you’ve submitted your information, the program crunches all the numbers and variables to find you the quickest, most effective way out of debt. Each analysis is calculated from your numbers, uniquely customized to your individual situation. It doesn’t require you to make more money in order for it to work, it works around your lifestyle, suggesting tweaks and improvements that can save you thousands and thousands of dollars.

Time and Money Saved

Your analysis will tell you the projected savings you can have by utilizing the program, savings in both in time and money.

This summary is an example from the analysis, showing not only the amount of time and money you can save on your debts, but also the exact month you can be debt free by following the program.

Side by Side Comparison

This chart from the analysis shows a side by side comparison of your payment plan with the program, or following your creditor’s repayment plan, without the program. This chart illustrates just how costly not using a dynamic, automated system can be when repaying your loans. All that extra red could be money back in your own pocket. Unlike the “snowball method” for paying off debt quicker, this program leverages all your accounts and revenue streams to the best advantage, showing you what steps to take to reach your goals faster and cheaper. Taking all the guess work out of paying off your debts.


Making Large Purchases While in Debt?

What if you need to or want to make a large purchase, how will that effect your payoff and monthly payments? The program has a feature for that, too. Once you purchase the program, it’s your’s for life, and you can utilize it to plan for and see the full financial impact of all your large purchases. Say our homeowners are a couple of years into paying off their home, and now they need to buy a car. The program gives them two options:

If they want to save up for a large down payment or to pay for the car in full, they can select a date and amount and put that info in the program, which will then show them which revenues to save the money from, sometimes it utilizes other credit options as well, and gives them the best plan for saving up for that large purchase.

Alternately, they can input the data for the new car loan into the program and it will calculate the quickest and most cost effective route to pay for all the debts, adjusting the total time to be debt free to include the new loan. This program is dynamic, it adjusts and changes course automatically each time your finances change, and it shows you the final outcome of those changes. No more guessing if you can afford something or not, simply plug the numbers into your program and see the results.

Better Financial Future

The Analysis will also show you a glimpse of what your financial future could be after paying off your debts. The chart below shows what can happen by saving and investing the money going into your interest payments, and all in the same amount of time it would take you to pay off those loans using your current plan. Remember, you already agreed to pay out that much money from your income, but, using this program, instead of the bank getting rich off all of that money, it goes into your own savings and investments, making you richer!


This scenario shows how the program takes a 12 year payment plan of over $147,000 and converts it into a 7 year/$136,600 plan, saving the homeowners nearly $11,000 in interest. After the loans have been paid off, if the homeowners put those monthly payments into an investment with a 5% return, at the end of 12 years (when they originally would have only just pay off their debts) they will have accumulated over $90,000!


Take your analysis today and see how quickly you can be debt free!

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